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The Bunny Burrow Class Goals

Our infant room is run on the individual schedule of the children in care. Eating and sleeping schedules are adjusted as the infants grow and their needs change.  Our number one goal is to provide a loving safe environment for every child in our care. 


Concepts and activities for children 1-12 months are:

  • Supporting own body

  • Beginning communication skills and expressing needs

  • Gross motor activities such as manipulating objects

  • Eating is on child's individual schedule

  • Eating with utensils is developed

  • Gross motor skills of crawling, walking and balance are encouraged through daily activities 



Rhonda Zottarelli



Class Features


  • The Bunny Burrow has a child to teacher ratio of 4 to 1

  • Age appropriate toys and books


  • Outdoor toddler playground


  • Meals and snacks are provided at no extra charge and meet USDA standards



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