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The Treehouse Class Goals

                Our Lead teacher and Assistant teachers work with the children both individually and as a group on age appropriate developmental skills.

                 Children can expect to be challenged in this fun upbeat classroom. Focus on Kindergarten Readiness, Social skills, math, number and letter recognition, Daily circle time, music and movement and outdoor play makes our preschool room the best in town!

                 You can feel confident that your child is not only cared for in a loving safe environment, but is also learning the skills that he or she will need to excel in the months and years to come!

Key concepts and activities for children 3-5 years are:


  • Understanding and expressing emotions appropriately

  • Social interactions with peers, adults and younger children

  • Personal interest play/learning, including blocks, homemaking, art, puzzles, sand/water table, library and music

  • Manners and forgiveness

  • Gross motor skills are continued and improved upon with daily outdoor play

  • Preparation for Kindergarten including following directions, early writing, math and science skills   

  • Language and Literacy skills are investigated and practiced daily


Heather Hinzman, Lauren Pier

Class Features


  • The Treehouse has a child to teacher ratio of 10 to 1

  • Age appropriate games, books and activities

  • Outdoor playground

  • Walks to community playground in summer

  • Classroom Pet

  • Meals and snacks are provided at no extra charge and meet USDA standards

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