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The Friendly Forest Class Goals

  Our teachers and aides work with your children both individually and as a group on age appropriate developmental skills.

             Children can expect a fun, loving age appropriate classroom with enthusiastic teachers! Daily Music and Movement, Circle Time, Arts and Crafts, Literacy activities and Outdoor Play make this the best 2 year old room around!     

            You can feel confident that your child is not only cared for in a loving safe environment, but is also learning the skills that he or she will need to excel in the months and years to come!

Key concepts and activities for children 2 years old are:

  • Support Potty training

  • Correct use of art supplies and tools

  • Play in centers and work on group activities

  • Social skills of taking turns, sharing, using words

  • Expand vocabulary and pronunciation

  • Gross-motor skills such as balance, running, jumping are improved upon through daily outdoor play

  • Beginning to understand their expressed emotions

  • Social interactions with peers

  • Personal interest play/learning, including blocks, homemaking, art, puzzles, sand/water table, library and music

  • Manners and forgiveness


Carlie Smith



Class Features


  • The Friendly Forest has a child to teacher ratio of 6 to 1​

  • Age appropriate toys and books

  • Outdoor toddler playground

  • Meals and snacks are provided at no extra charge and meet USDA standards


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