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The Sassafras Class Goals

         Our Sassafras classroom strives to promote respect for self and others, while responsibilities and social skills are both enhanced and encouraged.

        We provide a variety of developmentally appropriate activities that includes, arts and crafts, self-directed play, dramatic play, physical activities (indoor and outdoor), quiet time, while offering an environment where homework and continued learning is encouraged. 

Key concepts for our School-Ages are: 

  • Understanding of the relationship between cause and effect

  • Children can follow more complex instructions and use language to explore their thoughts and feelings

  • Testing their physical limits and developing more complex moving skills, like running in a zig-zag pattern, jumping down steps, doing cartwheels and playing organized sports

  • Promoting good mental health is important for healthy development, strong relationships and resilience.

Class Features


  • The Sassafras ration is 12 Students to 1 teacher.

  • Age appropriate toys and books


  • Outdoor playground and basketball area


  • Meals and snacks are provided at no extra charge and meet USDA standards



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