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-By age 5, a child's brain is 95% developed. That means a lot of development and learning happens before your child reaches school. Giving them a good start can help them succeed when they reach school.

-700 neural connections are made in a young child's brain every second.

-40 years of research shows children receiving high quality early education are more likely to do better in school, graduate, attend college, and have higher earnings.

-For every $1 invested in early education, $7 is saved in special education, public assistance, corrections, and lost taxes.

-Children in 76% of PA counties are in a moderate to high risk of failing in school.

-Only 35% of young children in PA participate in publically funded early education programs?


Find out what you can do at

-CCIS- CCIS stands for Child Care Information Services, funds are available to help families at or below the poverty level pay for childcare while they work. For more information please visit Or apply online at You may also visit the local office at 402-2 Brkich Way Beaver, PA 15009 (Bridgewater)

-Children in our New Brighton facility are provided with meals and snacks that adhear to federal recommendations for well-balanced meals including protein, grain, fruit and vegetable served with milk. All snacks are also served keeping this in mind with 2 food groups being represented at each snack.

CACFP-Our facility participates in the Child And Adult Care Food Program which helps us to provide nutritious well balanced meals for children in our facility. For more information on CACFP please visit

-Teaching Strategies , we are Gold members of Teaching Strategies to help implement evaluations and standards appropriately in the classroom. Teaching Startegies is a tool to help us make observations, identify opportunities for learning and strengthen our own understanding of early childhood. For more information, Please visit

-Our Program is recognized Through the Keystone STARS program, Our Facility is a STAR 3 rated facility. In order to be able to qualify for this star rating we are required to have specific toys, books and games within our classrooms, using teaching strategies for our observations and curriculum and we are required 18 hours of on-going training for each staff member every year. As a result we have a program that is well maintained and driven by the highest standard of quality for child care providers in Pennsylvania. For more information on the STARS program visit their website at


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